Martin A. Joseph: President / CEO 360IT PARTNERS

“Ron truly has a grasp of the important issues here in Hampton Roads like transportation, education, and economic growth. He is the obvious choice to go back to Richmond to serve his district.”

Dr. Lisa Renz: Executive Director of BNI Southeastern Virginia Adjunct Professor Regent University School of Business & Leadership

“Ron is a friend to both teachers and business owners. In office, Ron has fought to raise teacher wages, foster business innovation, and increase transportation projects in the Hampton Roads area, all while voting to not raise your taxes.”

Jesse Ilao: Financial Services Coordinator and MBA Student at Old Dominion University

“As someone who is active in many events in the Hampton Roads community, it is refreshing to see our delegate, Ron Villanueva, present. Many politicians can talk about how they care about a community, but it is another thing to see him talk to real people and give real answers as well as being present and available.”

Jessica Abbot: Virginia Beach City Councilmember & StateFarm Team Leader

“Ron is a leader that has longevity in the community and is experienced, knowledgeable and understands the assets our community needs to foster economic growth and job creation. This is an important race, not just for Virginia Beach, but for our entire Commonwealth. We need positive and dedicated public officials like Ron to continue to represent us and the 21st District.”

Gellina Baez: A Constituent in the District

“Ron Villanueva is an effective Delegate who upholds our values and works to find real solutions to the challenges facing Virginia. He shows valuable bipartisan leadership and is the only candidate in this race with the ability to represent us well in the General assembly.”

Paul Davis: Retired AVCM

“Del. Ron Villanueva’s passion is to help the families in his district.  In office Ron fights for family friendly policies, whether that be increased funding for our public schools, or supporting our members of the armed services.  Ron’s goal is to ensure his constituents have all the resources they need to succeed.”

Dr. Russell Beach: Optometrist & Co-owner of Coastal Vision

“Ron Villanueva is an impressive representative for the people and businesses of his district. In speaking with him, I’m always appreciative for the level of his personal concerns for the community, as well as his determination to work with small businesses to improve the local economy. Ron has open-minded solutions for issues facing voters and small businesses, and I am proud to support him for Virginia Delegate.”

Pat Dolan: Constituent and Charlestowne Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

“As an Independent and very conservative person, Ron’s position on the 2nd amendment and his endorsement by the NRA in 5 straight elections was of special interest to me. That plus the support he showed cracking down on crime and working with our local law enforcement, showed me he was the best choice in Richmond for our district.”

Nora Dorsey: Gawad Kalinga USA, Fundraiser FIL AM Community Action Group, Membership Chair Norfolk Sister City of Norfolk, Member

“Ron, as we know him in our Filipino American community, is one of our pride and joy, who, has served our Local well and now serving the State government. Ron is a devoted family man, dependable and has a “can do” spirit to all the challenges he faces every day. We wish him well in all his future endeavors.”