January 29, 2016

Ron’s Report: Week 3

Dear Friends,
We have reached the end of our third week of General Assembly Session here in Richmond. While the snow storm set us back on Monday, we have been working hard to make up for lost time. I bring you several exciting updates from the week. The Republican Majority has maintained our commitment to education, fighting Federal regulations, promoting religious liberty, and protecting your second amendment rights.

I have been patroning several bills myself. Happily, two of my bills passed in the House this week and have been referred to Senate Committees.

House Bill 329 is a transportation bill that allows public transit buses to use amber warning lights.  This is a safety improvement with hopes of reducing incidents between transit buses and pedestrians throughout Virginia where they were previously prohibited.

House Bill 507 is a bill that removes burdensome regulations concerning vehicles bought during auto auctions.  The bill gives saves businesses money, saves wear and tear on roads, and cuts down on carbon emissions that pollute our environment. 

To track my legislation this session, please visit theVirginia General Assembly database.


The House continues its efforts on education reform.  Delegate Dave LaRock is carrying legislation to create Education Savings Accounts to allow parents to receive 90 percent of the State’s portion of education funding for their child, which would then be deposited annually in to a savings account.  The funds can then be used for tuition, tutoring, private courses, instructional supplies for homeschooling, online learning, and more. Funds not used can be saved for college.  The General Assembly is also considering expanding the eligibility of the successful Educational Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit to include early education providers. 

week 3 - 2




As Chairman of the Tourism Caucus, I am committed to seeing Virginia tourism succeed. At this week’s caucus, legislators discussed upcoming legislation for Air BnB, a home-sharing online platform. Major tourism leaders from around Virginia attended the caucus and shared more about upcoming legislation concerning Virginia’s role in the film and hospitality industries.

Chairman’s Report

I am proud to serve as Chairman to the Committee on Transportation.  Transportation affects the quality of life for all Virginians and I will do what I can to keep projects moving forward. This week, we heard presentations about strengthening Virginia’s port system, which is a major source of income revenue and transportation in the Commonwealth. Hampton Roads is home to one of Virginia’s most important ports, Norfolk International. The Committee is considering investments and projects to keep Virginia’s ports competitive.

In the coming weeks, the Transportation Committee will vote on major infrastructure improvements, including expansion of some of the Commonwealth’s most frequented highways. I will work to ensure that Hampton Roads and the entirety of our Commonwealth maintain safe and effective roads and transit systems.

week 3 - 4




Special thanks to all of the visitor groups who came by my office in Richmond this week: The Hampton Roads Builders Association, the Republican Women of Chesapeake, the Virginia Beach Hotels Association, the Virginia Dental Hygienists Association, and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association.  I also enjoyed meeting with Chesapeake Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner, Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney Colin Stolle, and Chesapeake Councilman Rick West.