November 24, 2010

Community Apprecitaion Day – October 16th

Hosted by the Delegate himself, this first-annual event proclaimed by the Mayor and recognized by Governor Bob McDonnell turned out to be a Huge hit among the community! With the goal in mind to unite members of the Virginia Beach community with the largest Filipine American community in Virginia, Virginia Beach service members, city officials, young adult and non-profit organizations, educational institutions and family care facilities to came together to celebrate “Commuity Appreciation Day” at the Philippine Cultural Center in Virginia Beach.

Among the many groups to hit the stage were the influentual elders, governmental and business leaders within the Filipino American community, the Philippine Folk Dancers and Bayside High School’s Filipino American Cultural Association, with special appearance by the up-and-coming actress from Atlantis Down, Mae Flores, and performances by Lil’ Desi and the Young Filipino American Modern Dancers and the Filipino Fighting Arts Academy.

Thank you to our sponsors at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Cox Charities and Reyes Printing for providing the funds in order to make this event possible. In addition, a big thanks goes out to all of the wonderful volunteers that gave their time and dedication to the planing and execution for this outstanding day. 

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